Why you should hire a CLP for your next landscaping project

Leadership and Corporate Citizenship is just one of seven exams an industry person must pass in order to achieve the CLP certification.

"My clients often ask about the CLP and CHT when seeing it on one of my landscape plans of contract proposals. With just a quick explanation of the certification programs, clients are quick to conclude that they have made the right choice in their landscape contractor."
- John van Roessel, CHT, CLP
The Certified Landscape Professional (CLP) program is an internationally recognized, industry-developed designation that sets and maintains standards for business management in the landscape industry.

By becoming a CLP, each individual has met prerequisites for on-the-job experience and education and undergone an exhaustive written examination that tests knowledge, skills and theory required to run a successful company. A high level of excellence is required to pass each section of the exam, meaning that even the most experienced person must demonstrate 'mastery' of the topic areas.

Once certified, the individual must continue to upgrade their skills through a mandatory continuing education program. CLPs can usually be found as the owner/operator or manager of the companies in all sectors of landscaping. By establishing a high level of professionalism at the top, excellence flows through the rest of the company and it's operations.

So the next time you're planning a landscape project, insist that they have Certified Landscape Professionals on staff, because they are more than qualified, they're certified.