Why use a landscape association member company?

Because association member companies lead the green industry in providing quality and value. Commitment to high ethical standards is part of membership, and references and job reviews for some business categories are required. Landscape association members strive to elevate the green industry to benefit homeowners and the trade alike.

Green for Life is one indicator of the association's commitment to work together. Another is this very website. Use the site to find members in your area, and view member profiles containing detailed information and photos from member companies. Shop at a Green for Life garden centre, or hire a Green for Life contractor, and know you are doing business with the best.

Membership requirements
To become a member in the association, ALL companies must first meet the basic criteria below and have their application reviewed and approved BEFORE they can be accepted as members.

  1. Companies must be full-time in the industry for at least 3 years
  2. They must have 2 sponsors (other members)
  3. They promise to abide by a published Statement of Conduct, Principles and Ethics
  4. They must have appropriate insurance
  5. They must show us pictures of job sites (maintenance and installation sectors)
  6. They must have an Exterminators License (lawn care)
In addition to having these basics, the landscape association continually educates members and verifies they have achieved levels of competency and skills (both technical and business management) with various industry certification programs: Tools to help you
This landscape association also exists to educate you with the tools and knowledge you need to make informed buying decisions, get the best value for your money, and access to the best companies to work with. By hiring a landscape association member, we have already eliminated the fly-by-night companies who do not have the proper education, experience, or insurance in place to work to industry standards. These important tools can be found in the Hire with confidence section of this website (under the Contact a Company heading) or in the links below. Industry awards
Each year, many members enter their best work, designs, plant material and displays into a prestigious annual awards competition judged by industry experts. Competition is fierce and not everyone wins an award. Provincial awards programs showcase the best work by our members. 

Start off on the right foot
Because every job is unique and every customer has different expectations, and every member is unique in talent and experience, the landscape association can not guarantee each and every plant sold and every garden installed by our members. Often different tastes and budgets affect methods used and even standards, municipal codes and bylaws vary from one city to the next. We do, however, provide a formal consumer complaint process, should you have a disagreement with the work done by one of our member companies only if you and the member hired can not come to a mutual agreement. It is important to outline your goals, expectations, budgets and requirements before having any work done to avoid any future disagreements. We aim to strengthen the relationship between our industry and their clients in an effort to promote outdoor living, more green spaces and a healthier lifestyle.